Friday, April 24, 2009

Mountain Biking and Sam

This morning I was sitting at my computer for four hours processing Sam's senior pictures. We got some great shots for it being a rainy morning and only having one hour.

As I sat here this morning looking outside my huge windows here in the office I could see it was a beautiful day but I could hear the strong wind. When I was finished with Sam's pictures I felt the need to be outside but because of the strong wind I really wasn't in the mood to hit the highway on my bike. Strong headwinds are awesome when they are at your back! I decided to go MOUNTAIN BIKING instead! Me...mountain biking?!!!! I loaded up the 105 pound bike into the back of my jeep and went to my favorite get away that offers lots of timber, a few gravel roads and lots of trails. I started off riding the roads and even though it was very bumpy I was enjoying the fact that the trees were blocking the wind.

I was appreciating the warm weather and the chance to ride even though I was riding fat nobby tires on gravel and grass. In this area there are many trails that wind through the timber and along the creek. I am very thankful to have such a beautiful and peaceful place to get away.

While riding I kept seeing paths that went deep into the timber. The adventuresome soul that I am I decided to head into the timber. I knew I could do it I just had to gear down and take it slow. Slow...I didn't have a choice! Ruts, tree roots and hanging limbs forced me to be very cautious. Then I started to head down hill! "Okay, take it easy". Then a little voice in my head told me to get the peddles up/horizontal or they will get caught on something. Well, the voice didn't tell me soon enough because I bit the trail. I couldn't get my shoes clipped out soon enough to catch myself so there I lay in the thorns, thistle and something green that I hope was not poison ivy. I should have had a camera! I picked myself up, pulled thorns out of my hands, checked the gash in my knee then got back on the bike to find the quickest way back to the road.

Ridiculous!!!! Oh my goodness!! I wish I would have had a camera.

Home again.....

Have a wonderful weekend. No matter what age you are and no matter what the weather is like go outside and play.

Enjoy the pictures of Sam.

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