Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mumble jumble kind of day!

I am sitting here with my cup of mint tea wandering again how to start. For some reason whenever I start blogging I wanna say...."hello world". I will save you and just start posting.

Today was a mumble jumble sort of day starting with the ongoing process of pricing analysis and designing marketing material for our upcoming seniors. Rachel is a blessing to have here to toss around ideas with. Should we do red or blue? Should we do bifold, trifold or flat! Oh my goodness I needed to go for a walk.

Well, here is where the mumble jumble begins. I tried to put all business behind me and take my dog to our HOLY LAND for a much needed romp in the woods. Really, there is a HOLY LAND in SE Iowa. It is a place with an abundance of wildlife, streams, trees, fresh air, me and God. My HOLY LAND is a place where I try saying a few prayers but today I could not stay focused. The more I tried the more my thoughts were bouncing all over the place.

GARBAGE...what a thing to think about. What started this process was my visit to Dodici Shop with Amanda last weekend. Our dear friend Alex was educating Amanda about plastic in the sea that is twice the size of Texas. So, of course I did some research and was shocked. If you Google "garbage in the sea" and watch a little youtube you will see what Alex was talking about. Also visit

Have you ever visited your local dump sight? Large dumbsters lined up full of garbage bags with who knows what in them. Plastic, cans, paper and numerous other stuff filled to the rim in those big black bags. Each week I take my garbage to the dump so I am constantly reminded to RECYCLE!

OUR COMMUNITY...we do have such a wonderful community! Saturday morning we attended a breakfast at Faith Baptist Church for Little Eden. I had a hard time holding back the tears as I watched so many volunteers devoting their time for a great cause. Why...because their hearts are filled with love!

FACEBOOK, BLOG, EMAIL, GOOGLE SEARCHES....COMPUTERS! As I sit here doing my viral marketing and computer research time slips away! Time that should be spent with family, baking cookies, custard or reading a good book.

Bouncing thoughts....oh my.

I ended my walk and attempted to go to the grocery store with my 70 lb Pete still in the Jeep. I was only going to get milk and eggs which should only have taken 10 minutes but of course I visit with all the nice people. I then spotted a beautiful little girl and said to myself...I want to photograph her. I went to the parking lot to calm Mr. Pete and waited for the little girl and her parents so I could approach these strangers and a plead with them to take her picture. My kids and pseudo kids would say...."you are so weird".

It has been an interesting day. I should be writing about photography and uploading beautiful images for you to see because I am sure that is why you stopped by. I wander how much I will edit this post or maybe even delete it all.

For you Miss Elisabeth...I will not delete.

Have a great week! I will upload a few love pictures to leave you with. Thanks for listening and feel free to leave me a post even if its to say... "you are weird".

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