Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon fun with my girls.

Good morning world. Well, they are not really my girls accept one and that would be Amanda, my trusting, talented and wonderful daughter. The others are Kristi, Whitney, Jenna and Nicole. Years ago Amanda and Kristi met at a horse stable and became very good friends. Kristi graduated in 2008 from Iowa City West and I had the privilege of taking her senior pictures. The summer of '08 Kristi's two great friends Jenna and Nicole came to DP for their pictures and of course I wanted to adopt both of them. Whitney is Kristi's sister and she will be graduating in 2010 and we already have a start on her pictures for the year.

I would like to mention that all these girls are three time STATE CHAMPIONS in track!!! They are very dedicated young women!

Several weeks ago on a WARM Sunday afternoon the girls plus Kristi and Whitney's parents met for coffee at the Java House in downtown Iowa City and we then ventured through the alleys and streets taking fun fun pictures! This type of photographing is different than the typical posed pictures. It is a journalistic approach to capturing an event and is very popular with wedding photography. I wanted to try this with seniors and families because I knew it would be great fun plus the images would be...just different. I will post a few of the images to view but be sure and watch the video from yesterdays post to really get the feel of our afternoon.

Amanda came along as my second shooter for this journalistic session to help capture awesome shots but when it was time for her to leave I had this second camera dangling from my hip and was just plain getting in my way. I handed the camera to Steve and he started taking pictures not only of the girls and Karen but he also stole a few shots of me. So, I must give credit to Steve and Amanda for helping capture our day.

Seniors and families the photo journalistic way.... What should we call it? I have been asking clients, my board of directors and friends and someone came up with the idea of a street photobooth. Hmmmm.....what do you think. Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts.

My work....I'll mention again that I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I wake up each morning excited to start my day. Yes, it's tiring to own and run a business! The photography business for me though is very rewarding.

Have a great Easter and God bless all of you.

Keep checking back because I will be posting more news and videos in the next few days to come.


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