Monday, April 13, 2009

THE APARTMENT.....Drish Photography's newest spot

We are very excited to announce...THE APARTMENT! This has been a project that we have working on for several weeks cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. It all started last year when I took a senior up to an abandanded apartment that she use to live in as a little girl to take a few senior pictures. It was a great space with lots of natural lighting, arches, brick and french doors. One Saturday afternoon Angel Ponce, Haley Hammes and Amanda worked very hard hauling out trash down a flight of rickety steps, sweeping and cleaning windows. At the end of the day Amanda and Angel made a trip to the local True Value to choose a color to paint one wall. They chose an awesome color and were excited to start painting. So...thank you guys for helping achieve this dream and now next years seniors will have a unique spot.

THE APARTMENT in downtown Washington is an awesome addition to Drish Photography's country studio. The best of both worlds. Thank you Angel, Haley and Amanda for all your help and thank you Jerra, Jackie and again Angel for spending a little time to help me capture some great images.
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The ANGE WALL. We found this tin in the apartment and Angel just tacked up a few pieces and's a great backdrop.

A brick wall....a photographers dream!

I love the color chosen for this wall.

There is so much natural light...I love it.

Solid oak

Again.....the ANGEL WALL

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. sarah . said...

Linda, I just stumbled across your blog. I love it! Your photos are amazing as always and I love the Apartment!!!