Monday, June 22, 2009

Another great day in Washington

I can end my day again by saying...."wow, what a great day" and "that was soooo much fun". If you ever wonder why I love my work just take a look at the pictures of Lucy. Now these are not your normal senior pictures but they do show how much fun we have. I will post portraits later but for now I simply wanted to share our day!

It was so HOT but I really can not complain because it didn't rain. 86 degrees the last I checked. Lucy handled the heat well but I believe that is because of her athletic training. It was quite cute when it was 86 degrees and Lucy was putting on a wool winter coat with a fur collar. Oh my goodness she was a trooper and so willing to do......

Conrad says....."tell everyone hi for me"

Back to Lucy.... We had a great start this morning bopping around our beautiful town of Washington as the temps climbed. Lucy's mother was great in helping with the little details that I sometimes do not see.

Moms you have been awesome and very helpful!

I want to thank the people of Washington for working so hard to make our city beautiful. The new sidewalks, street lamps and black benches are wonderful. I use the environment so much I feel like I need to pay rent or something. I also want to thank Tim Widmer for his patience this morning. He was dragging a tree through the Kewash underpass as I was working with Lucy and he stopped and waited until we were done. This isn't the first time I interrupted Tim or one of his employees.

To end....what a great day and boy did I have fun!

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