Monday, March 16, 2009

You've been DRISHED!

This afternoon Amanda and I traveled to Iowa City to enjoy a cup of coffee at the downtown Java House and to meet some friends for a fun afternoon. It was such a beautiful day so drank our coffee sitting outside along the curve while watching people pass by.
Cameras in hand we ventured to our favorite wonderland wall and then the alleys. These girls were so much fun to photograph! Kristi was a graduate of Iowa City West last year and I had the honor of taking her Senior Pictures. Jenna and Nichole were two of my seniors this year and Whitney will be a senior next year. These girls have been friends for several years and are four time state champions in track!!!!!!
I was thrilled when Krist and Whitney brought their parents Karen and Steve! I think they really enjoyed watching the process and were thrilled when we asked them to join in. You'll see some of the fun we had in the pictures below. We took a little time to take a nice family portrait and a nice portrait of Whitney.
When we were finished we ventured back to the Java House and sat down to review the pictures. Kristi said to Whitney....."YOU HAVE BEEN DRISHED".
I will post more pictures in the days to come.

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