Friday, February 6, 2009

Linda ROCKED at PP of I!

This past week Linda and Amanda competed at Professional Photographers of Iowa, AND ROCKED on their prints submitted! Linda entered four prints, and Amanda entered one....with over four HUNDRED prints entered, we were HONORED to receive these awards. The hardest part was sorthing through SO MANY beautiful prints to come up with what was entered. We put our heart and soul into ALL of our work and clients. SO it was TOUGH!

On Linda's print "Swept Away," she received:

FUJI Masterpiece Wedding Print of the Year

Iowa Professional Photographers 1st Place in "Weddings"

PPI Honorable Mention of Outstanding Photographic Ability, Craftsmanship, and Creative Talents Award


Linda also won 1st Place in "Mr. Photogenic" Competition....a BIG THANKS to Lucas, a great natural subject!


Amanda received an Honorable Mention with "SAUCY"

As you can tell, Emily and Brian were a fantastic couple who had a great wedding! We had a great time with them.

Linda received Honorable Mention for "ASHLEY"

And last, but not least, Linda received Honorable Mention on beautiful Nikki for "Seuss."

For those of you keeping score at home....4 of 5 of our prints received ribbons or plaques! YEAH! Congrats Linda and Amanda!

A great big thank you to Rachel Fishback for creating our blog and becoming Drish Photography's Blogmaster.

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