Thursday, February 12, 2009


Children are one of God's greatest gifts! What joy they can bring to my day! Today Alisia, Josiah and I flew to Aspen, Colorado to visit family. This was Josiah's first time flying and it was such a delight to see him experience a "first". His nose was smashed against the window the entire time accept for when he would turn around to ask a question about a little noise or if those hills were mountains.

We arrived in Aspen and inside people were shuffling around getting from point a-b. I spotted this little 2 yr. old boy who was watching the hustle bustle. He looked right at me, studied me for a couple of seconds then he smiled from ear to ear. "Banana"!!!! He then proceeded to give me plenty of banana lovins'. If you haven't guessed by now little Sam calls me Banana! There's a cute story that explains why and maybe someday I will share it with you. [Sam is the son of my daughter Jami ]

I will be out of the studio for a week enjoying family and skiing at Snowmass. Rachel will be holding down the ship at the office ( thank you Rachel) and Andrea will be assisting.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


PS...hug a child today.

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